Sourcing & Recruiting Mission Control Webinar

TSI Mission Control Webinar by Shally Steckerl

    Explore TSI’s brand new comprehensive sourcing & recruiting tool that organizes, tracks, and reports on all of your requisitions, which includes Shally Steckerl’s 12-Step Sourcing Framework, string generator, dashboard, and much, MUCH more! This workshop will lead participants through an organized and refined workflow that separates the best from the rest. The step-by-step framework offered in this workshop will map and streamline an entire process from when to initiate each step and how long it should take to recruit the best passive candidates. Participants will also walk away with a spreadsheet that includes a dashboard, workflow, tracking, and tools.


      • A real-time clear display reporting ALL information managers need to analyze in order to fully grasp the entire recruitment process.
      • A scorecard for executives to quickly assess outcomes, alignment, and integration.


      • Productivity: Track your activities so you can learn what works, what doesn’t, and where you can optimize your time. Included are tips to organize your desk, prioritize activities, and plan your day-to-day so you can do both sourcing and recruiting.
      • Leads: Fields to include in your CRM or lead tracking system including smart drop-down choices, tags, and categories.
      • Source Efficiency: Compare sources to each other objectively to learn which ones are best for each of your recruiting profiles, which ones add value, which to keep or buy, and which to discontinue.


      • Keyword Brainstorming: Tools to expand and confirm your search keywords and natural language phrases, job titles, and geographic criteria.
      • Boolean String Generator: Make fewer mistakes with this automated string generator that builds all your AND, OR, and NOT nested statements including specialized search engine field syntax.
      • Talent Pool Mapping: Gather target companies, industries, functions, and other intel you need to form an accurate map for understanding the natural habitat of the talent you seek. Learn to identify the right tools and channels to find and reach your target.


      • An end-to-end roadmap describing the steps and order needed to complete a thorough search for candidates.
      • Powerful habits for success from defining your need to presenting candidates.

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