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Our sourcing and recruiting curriculum leads the industry in quality and comprehensiveness. Our philosophy is that before you can properly train, you must be properly educated. We focus on equipping our students with problem-solving skills, rather than running mimicry-training drills. Our development program is designed around real-life tasks, bringing you only what you need to know to be able to source and recruit more effectively and with greater job satisfaction.

Prepare to tackle the challenges of the modern recruitment workplace and make an impact in your field.

For more information on how the courses are delivered:

Online Courses

TSI's online courses are NOT recorded webinars. These self-paced modules adhere to higher education online standards. Each course begins with an introduction and clearly stated learning objectives followed by content slides that include interactivity, formative exercises, tools and resources, and knowledge checks all designed to enhance learning outcomes. Each content slide is narrated with studio quality audio. Most courses also include downloadable handouts. The courses range from 40-90 minutes in playback time, but considering the "extras" mentioned above, students can spend upwards of 2-4 hours per course with maximum effort.

The courses can be accessed on any device with Internet access. They have full navigational capabilities, and you can log off while taking the courses and upon logging back in students are given the option to resume where they left off, or start from the beginning. The courses can be segmented into custom learning programs for groups and delivered to the entire community of practice simultaneously, guaranteeing full participation, standardizing quality of service by getting everyone reading on the same page, and ensuring knowledge adoption through established adult-learning mechanisms such as formative exercises and remediated knowledge checks.

We also offer certifications- Diploma in Sourcing & Recruiting, Sourcing Certificate, and Social Media Recruiting Certificate. These are multiple-course tracks within the stated disciplines.

All students have one year of unlimited access to the courses from date of enrollment.

Live Webinars

All of our courses can be delivered in live, instructor-led virtual webinars for individuals or groups. The sessions are 60 minutes of presentation followed by 30 minutes of Q&A, unless otherwise noted or agreed upon. All standard, single participant webinars are $275. Please contact us for more information on group pricing.

This invaluable tool is used to decide how best to invest in training. It pinpoints the exact areas where training is needed, eliminating time waste, reducing spend.

The Evaluation is designed to measure depth of knowledge and skill level in global sourcing and recruiting standards. You will discover any knowledge or skill gaps in the core principals required for performing at the peak of your abilities in this profession.

The evaluation is designed as a failure-based gap analysis to identify individual & group learning opportunities. It avoids inference on individual or team knowledge by measuring what sourcers and recruiters already know…and don’t know. The outcome is to design custom learning paths for individuals or groups of learners as identified by the knowledge gaps discovered.

Timed 45-minute online survey:

  • 80 progressively more challenging questions.
  • The minimum score is zero. The maximum possible score is 100 points.
    • Attaining a score of 100 is nearly impossible.
    • Do not make any attempt to interpret raw scores, we will interpret for you.
    • Raw score reflects overall knowledge in all disciplines without consideration for particular area of specialty.
  • Immediately identifies training needs.
    • Know your strengths and weaknesses.
    • Used to design a custom learning solution for individuals and teams.

Learn where you’re strong. Learn where you have room for improvement. Get expert advice on the training and education that will give your team the skills to succeed.

TSI wants to get you on-track with effective sourcing and recruiting. Take the guesswork out – know what you need and why you need it.

Contact us for more information.

Onsite Training

TSI will come to your location and deliver customized training designed specifically to meet your needs. The topics for the onsite presentation can be chosen from any and all of the following:

  • Our training modules
  • Your current or past requisitions
  • Any other content you deem as points-of-emphasis within your organization

With many of our training modules that involve problem-solving or understanding points-of-view & methodology, we believe sometimes they are best conveyed in person, where the instruction can be personalized. You will receive professional insight from the instructor and have the opportunity to stop and ask questions, clarify misconceptions, and have an open dialogue. With our live onsite training we will use current examples of requisitions being worked by your company and show you how you can find the perfect candidate in real time with our techniques.

Attendees will come away from the experience with a new breadth and depth of knowledge and a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm for aligning talent with employment opportunities.

Contact us for more information.


Custom Learning Paths

Get the best of both worlds. TSI believes a blend of online courses and live training (onsite and/or live webinars) produces the best training results. We have done many studies and the statistics all point to blended training as the most effective due to varying learning styles and retention rates.

Our online modules give participants the opportunity to navigate the courses at their own pace with the ability to play the courses back as many times as they want within the contractual terms. The live training aspects offer the benefits of an open dialogue between trainer and trainee as well as the opportunity to deal with your real-life tasks, areas of emphasis and concern, and current and past requisitions.

We work with you to design the best program for your exact needs. Contact us for more information.

Custom Webinars & Workshops

These topics and sessions are fully customizable, and are offered to individuals or groups. You can choose topics from our course catalog and/or request topics of your choice i.e. open requisitions, individual pain-points, areas within your organization that need attention, etc. These can be structured, open dialogue, or a blend thereof. Please contact us for more information on pricing.

After 21 years of experience delivering the world's most advanced sourcing and recruiting training, we have found that the solutions for solving root problems and delivering long-term results are not always what they originally seemed. Together with you, we create a custom enterprise development program merging established global best practices with your team's strengths and resources, empowering them to achieve sustainable competitive advantage through superior sourcing and recruiting.

Please contact us for more information and pricing.