Enterprise eLearning Solutions

Enterprise eLearning Solutions

After 20 years of experience delivering the world’s most advanced sourcing and recruiting training, TSI has discovered the solutions to solve root problems and deliver long-term results; hint: they are not always what they seem.

Together with you, we create a roadmap merging established best global practices with your team’s strengths and resources, empowering them to achieve sustainable competitive advantage through superior sourcing and recruiting.

Contact us for more information regarding Enterprise Solutions and how you can import our modules into your existing LMS.

Enterprise eLearning Solutions
Corporate Plus
Number of Seats
Unlimited replay of modules
Includes TSI Diploma
Ability to take courses in any order
Custom learning path designed by TSI
In-depth participant tracking
Includes one Trainer account
Custom activity reporting
Includes System Admin and Executive accounts
Additional Trainer accounts
Ability to create Custom Groups
Add your own proprietary content
Custom pre- and post-requisite content
Includes Live SourceU Seats (# t.b.d.)
Automatic login for users behind firewall
Unlimited Trainer and Executive accounts
Separate hosting and your own System Admin
Unlimited Groups
“Private White Label” company branding and theme
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The following Add-ons can be purchased with any above package for additional fees. Contact us for a quote:

  • Live Webinars
  • Onsite Workshops
  • Advisory Services
  • Sourcing Checkup
  • Evaluation
  • Assessment
  • SourceU