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TSI’s sourcing and recruiting education and training program leads the industry in quality and comprehensiveness. Our philosophy is that before you can properly train, you must be properly educated. We focus on equipping our students with problem-solving skills, rather than running mimicry-training drills. Our development program is designed around real-life tasks, problems, and situations, bringing you only what you need to know to be able to source and recruit more effectively and with greater job satisfaction.

TSI offers over 100 courses in topics such as beginner to advanced search techniques, effective outreach, client management, social media, marketing, networking, automation, leadership, and so on. Many of these are delivered via online modules akin to university-level online standards. These courses cost significantly less than live instructor training, can be delivered to the entire community of practice simultaneously, guarantee full participation, standardize quality of service by getting everyone reading off of the same page, and ensure knowledge adoption through established adult learning mechanisms such as formative exercises and remediated knowledge checks. Beyond that, through utilizing our system or importing our modules directly into your existing enterprise learning management system, you can run reports that tie training to performance objectives, hold recruiters and sourcers accountable for their own development, and show progression towards a career path.

Our preferred approach is to first evaluate our students by administering a technical evaluation that uncovers knowledge and skill gaps. Next, we like to do a diagnostic of their current situation, factoring in job role, vertical, company, goals, etc. We gather and analyze as much intel as possible, and from the results we are able to design custom learning paths catered to exact needs removing wasted time and wasteful spending. The custom paths usually blend online and live training, with the aim of matching our mode of delivery with the students’ optimal learning style.

For Individuals, Groups, or Organizations

Online Courses
Live Webinars / Workshops
Onsite Training
Technical Evaluation

Custom Learning Paths

TSI takes pride in delivering you only the education and training you need, saving you time and money. Based on the findings from a diagnostic, and the results from the technical evaluation, we can design custom learning paths focused on needs only.

High-quality, low-cost talent sourcing and recruiting is one of the most effective strategies leaders can employ to help their organizations meet business goals. When recruiting talent, investing in new techniques can make the difference between having the high-potential talent you need, when you need them, or just wishing you did.

Walk away with new candidates you would never have found before, a clear understanding of how search engines work, methods for developing your own custom searches, and the clarity and wisdom to discover your own sourcing techniques to keep you on the leading edge.

Our custom learning paths can be designed around our curriculum and/or customized based on your organization’s needs. 

  • Custom Onsite Workshops
  • Private & Open Webinars
  • Online Courses
  • Blended Training

Blended Learning

Get the best of both worlds. The Sourcing Institute believes a blend of online courses and live training (onsite and/or live webinars) produces the best training results. We have done many studies and the statistics all point to blended training as the most effective due to varying learning styles and retention rates.

Our online modules give participants the opportunity to navigate the courses at their own pace with the ability to play the courses back as many times as they want within the contractual terms. Your training supervisors can also track their team members with reporting generated by our LMS.

The live training aspects offer the benefits of an open dialogue between trainer and trainee as well as the opportunity to deal with your real-life tasks, areas of emphasis and concern, and current and past requisitions. 

Certifications & Diplomas:

Diploma in Sourcing & Recruiting
Sourcing Certificate
Social Media Certificate
Diversity Certificate

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