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Twitter: Advanced Search

Course Description: Having a Twitter account is not necessary to benefit from this course. Apply Twitter specific syntax to search methods and techniques. Search content within Twitter and from external sources for name generation and competitive intelligence. Through Twitter you can reveal the names of people at companies, the tools they work with, learn about industry trends, find attendees at conferences and connect with people otherwise unreachable. Includes a guide to advanced search operators for recruiting with secret commands we have discovered. Build a list of people to
follow, get recommendations on free Twitter applications best for recruiters. Understand how to leverage groups and multipleā€account management.


Facebook: Advanced Search

Course Description: Facebook was not built with search in mind but in this course you will learn how to get around the built in obstacles and be able to conduct skill based searches for prospects. Search content within Facebook and from external sources for name generation and competitive intelligence. Connect with people otherwise unreachable. Includes a guide to search tools for recruiters.


Outreach via Mobile and SMS

Course Description: Initiating contact with passive talent utilizing mobile devices and SMS


People Lookups

Course Description: Learn to utilize a variety of different approaches to identifying contact details for prospects including online white pages for telephone numbers, email lookups and verification, and social network memberships.


Managing Information Overload

Course Description: Learn how to effectively track and refine your activity to optimize time management and bottom-line outcomes. Master the fundamentals of evaluating sources of information; manage Outlook and other email programs to increase productivity.


Developing Online Talent Communities

Course Description: Building custom talent communities, leveraging existing online talent communities on LinkedIn, Facebook and other destinations.


LinkedIn: Advanced Networking and Branding

Course Description: Expanding your LinkedIn participation beyond searching to be an effective recruitment marketing platform, optimizing your profile to relevant prospects who are engaged for the right reasons; getting recommended, established and trusted.


LinkedIn: Advanced Searching

Course Description: Break through built-in LinkedIn barriers, grow your network exponentially in a few minutes, exceed the 100 results-per-search limit on free accounts, and find home or work contact information.


Effective Emails to Passive Candidates

Course Description: Apply templates that reach passive prospects and garner up to 80 percent response rates without artifice; leverage tactical advice on delivery timing, cadence and sequence combinations that maintain interest until you can fully engage someone


Passive Candidate Outreach via Social Media Channels

Course Description: Learn how the major social networks vary, from a recruiting engagement perspective, including the five best ways to search each network (within and externally) for passive talent in almost any niche, plus geographic, keyword, title, location, industry, company and group searches.