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Telephone Sourcing

Course Description: Cleanly and professionally call into companies to extract the information you need about your target candidates without leaving any evidence or causing any damage; generate instant rapport and trust with those you speak with.


Outreach via Mobile and SMS

Course Description: Initiating contact with passive talent utilizing mobile devices and SMS


Passive Candidate Cold Calling Techniques

Course Description: Learn time-tested, completely intuitive, 100 percent ethical persuasive communication techniques to remove skepticism from cold calls; employ the five main stages of a successful cold call.


Effective Emails to Passive Candidates

Course Description: Apply templates that reach passive prospects and garner up to 80 percent response rates without artifice; leverage tactical advice on delivery timing, cadence and sequence combinations that maintain interest until you can fully engage someone


Passive Candidate Outreach via Social Media Channels

Course Description: Learn how the major social networks vary, from a recruiting engagement perspective, including the five best ways to search each network (within and externally) for passive talent in almost any niche, plus geographic, keyword, title, location, industry, company and group searches.


Persuasive Communication Styles

Course Description: How to quickly build rapport by phone or in person through the four primary and secondary styles, to instantly build rapport with whomever you speak by phone or in person.