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Sourcing Automation Tools, Toolbars, Bookmarks, Macros, Scripts

Course Description: Through sourcing tools and automation, you can leverage productivity tools that are wholly independent of you ATS. From resume database spidering, to searching hundreds of paid and free resume databases simultaneously; to auto-ranking the results and exporting any or all desired subsets to your ATS or to launch a pre-set email campaign.


Productivity and Time Management Tools, Monitoring, Filtering, Dashboards

Course Description: Organize all of your active job requisitions to optimize your workday performance, using everything from folders, favorites and saved searches.


Automating through RSS Feeds and Alerts

Course Description: With billions of pages and over one-hundred million bloggers, almost anything you need to know around industry trends, hot (and not) products, projects and people, and other insider buzz can be found in the blogosphere. Learn how to tap the talent across your organization to create a powerful employer brand through blogging that attracts top passive talent without compromising integrity nor overtaxing them or your recruiting team.


Building Custom Search Engines

Course Description: Create custom-saved search shortcuts that prompt for keywords so you don't have to memorize Boolean and other syntax; be more productive with the Favorites and other toolbars, automated search engine alerts and custom Google search engines.


Managing Information Overload

Course Description: Learn how to effectively track and refine your activity to optimize time management and bottom-line outcomes. Master the fundamentals of evaluating sources of information; manage Outlook and other email programs to increase productivity.