Technical Evaluation

What Do Your Sourcers and Recruiters Really Know?

The¬†Sourcing & Recruiting Technical Evaluation offers the ideal way to avoid inference on your team’s depth of knowledge.

Measure what sourcers and recruiters know so you can decide how best to invest in their learning. This makes it possible to measure what your team “says” they know against what the business “requires” them to know. Uncover knowledge and skill gaps, and then eliminate them through TSI training.


The Evaluation is an online timed test made up of validated questions on core sourcing & recruiting principals that are essential when hiring a candidate. Score reports are automatically calculated and immediately emailed to your company’s test administrator, allowing you to quickly make hiring and training decisions. The reports will provide detailed information on how your candidate performed in each of the major topics, what percentile they scored in, and any knowledge and skill shortcomings they may have.

The Evaluation is designed to measure technical depth of knowledge in global Recruitment and Sourcing standards. Through this evaluation you will discover any knowledge or skill gaps encompassing all the core principals required for performing at the peak of your abilities in this profession

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