Contract Sourcing & Recruiting

TSI Contract Sourcing & Recruiting Services

We wrote the industry standard guide on how to develop and manage contract sourcers and recruiters, and we place only the elite who score in the top 10% of our Evaluation, an objective, skill-level rating created by the leading minds in our industry. TSI provides sourcers and recruiters for dozens of Fortune 100 companies and top search firms.

  • No fees or commissions. Ever.
  • One-Stop Accounting. We handle 100% of the payroll and accounting, on a single invoice.
  • Trusted talent only. Fully bonded and insured contractors are pre-screened using a 360 degree reference-checking process.

Flexible Assignment Hours

Many vendors require their full-time sourcers and recruiters to meet a 40-hour work week, but we can allocate our resources to fit your demand, availability, and schedule. We charge no fees or commissions, and you receive one consolidated invoice detailing all hours worked by our contractors. We handle all of their payroll and accounting, and send you exclusively verified Independent (self-directed) contractors that are thoroughly vetted, developed, and pre-screened using thorough reference checking process.

Fully Backed by the Best in the Industry

Not only do they receive the world’s most intensive training on talent sourcing, identification, outreach, and engagement, but our contractors also receive exclusive mentoring not available to the general public and have access to our suite of tools and tactical sourcing information to assist your recruiting efforts. Our contractors are fully insured and bonded.

Talent Sourcing POD Model

We invented the Talent Sourcing “POD” and since then it has been one of the most successful sourcing models implemented by top recruitment organizations globally. Our POD was derived by combining the batch process approach utilized in just‐in‐time processes with the specialized intelligence gathering model applied by many government national intelligence analysis organizations. With this model we capitalize on highly leveraged small teams that know how to deal with massive amounts of information and rapidly produce actionable results. PODs consist of two or more team members with highly specialized sourcing (research) skills, supporting each engagement. The team divides up all relevant channels and share responsibilities for generating a pipeline of prospects for the search assignment. With this model we focus exclusively on finding passive candidates.

Talent Pipeline and Passive Candidate Research

Designed for established, experienced recruiting teams that do not need assistance with recruitment, but desire additional pipeline and sourcing assistance on a continual basis, our virtual sourcing program will provide professional recruiters with a uniquely powerful and effective solution that leverages the skill, expertise, and agility of the industry’s leading sourcing authorities to return a roster of highly qualified candidates for any job. We are ready to pipeline hundreds of qualified candidates to you immediately.

You Get it Here First

We are so far ahead of the curve that by the time others learn about the creative, unconventional methods we used to find you talent, those methods are already obsolete. We wrote the industry standard handbook on sourcing, that means you get proven results from the most up to date techniques out there.

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