The three most important questions leaders always ask:

  1. How can sourcing and recruiting save us time?
  2. How can sourcing and recruiting make or save us money?
  3. How can sourcing and recruiting remove organizational risk?

Our team has created a way to successfully embed key talent identification and engagement initiatives into your existing recruitment efforts. The innovative breakthrough in our method has been standardizing sustainable competitive advantages, which have allowed Global Fortune 100 companies to maintain leadership in their sector based solely on their talent.

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If your recruiters don’t have time to source, then they’re not doing it right. If they’re not doing it right, they are wasting your money. If they’re wasting your money, then your competitors will have an advantage.


The outcome of TSI’s leadership advisory services will be the identification of best practices that can be customized and implemented in order to optimize your recruitment goals. The objective is to design a roadmap merging established best practices with your team’s strengths and resources, empowering them to achieve sustainable competitive advantages, and ultimately aligning your recruitment function with leadership goals.

Main Objective:

  • Standardize the sourcing function and integrate it with recruitment
  • Improve recruitment responsiveness by increasing sourcing capability
  • Institutionalize proactive sourcing in response to talent market demands
  • Respond to globalization pressures placed on the availability of talent
  • Align the talent pipeline with strategic business requirements
  • Evaluate sourcing & recruiting workflow (procedures, practices and programs)
  • Recommend, select, and implement appropriate systems & resources
  • Identify underutilized resources
  • Change mindset and behaviors; enable shift from inbound dependent to talent advisor, talent identification

Our delivery model assures that:

  • Findings and recommendations are focused on opportunities for qualitative enhancement of business processes, shortening of cycle time, expense reallocation, and cost reduction
  • Program designs are relevant and map to executable business processes that assure achievement of goals on time and within budget
  • Implementation is systematic and has buy in from key stakeholders
  • Programs yield meaningful metrics that measure both the quality of results and their real financial benefits

We do this in four phases:

  1. Diagnostic

    Through our diagnostic process, TSI’s four-step sourcing & recruiting roadmap can be customized to optimize recruitment effectiveness. To achieve the key objective we utilize our proprietary diagnostic gap analysis, including examination of social, technological, educational, environmental, political, and competitive factors.

    A complete diagnostic also takes into consideration factors such as information, resources, policies and incentives as well as team dynamics including knowledge, skill, and capacity. Assessment of recruitment staff capabilities is done via the utilization of an online multiple-choice evaluation, along with a competency interview.

    Information is gathered through conversations with key stakeholders. In addition to conversations with sourcing and recruitment leaders, other organizational representatives are selected who can relate the experiences of new hires, hiring managers, group leaders, executives, HR business partners, and candidates who declined offers. Included in this process are relevant document requests and surveys. Success of the diagnostic process depends on the information provided being sufficiently accurate and relevant.

  2. Design

    During the design phase of a customized Sourcing Blueprint, TSI will leverage the findings and recommendations from the diagnostic phase to develop the Change Management Roadmap. The roadmap becomes your organization’s plan for implementing best practices and leveraging organizational strengths while offsetting weaknesses to achieve sustainable competitive advantages.

    With so many issues facing recruiting leaders today, it is vital to have experienced, reliable advisors you can tap with knowledge of your organization as well as objectivity from being external and having worked with recruiting organizations from hundreds of companies, big and small. TSI’s subject matter experts can serve as your consultants, and coach and deliver training on a wide range of topics in key areas such as:

    • Finding Candidate Prospects
    • Attracting And Engaging Talent
    • Sourcing Process And Management
    • Sourcing Strategy And Leadership
  3. Delivery

    Upon completion of the roadmap and blueprint, you now have your plan for implementing sourcing, recruiting, and leadership best practices and leveraging organizational strengths while offsetting weaknesses. Moving forward, TSI will provide ongoing support to ensure successful implementation in the following areas (not limited to):

    • Based on findings from the diagnostic, and with recommendations from the leadership team, a playbook or roadmap of solutions designed for each of the four major types of recruitment requirements will be initiated and followed.
    • Outline and detailed syllabus for advanced training curriculum to establish a world-class talent identification and engagement practice will be initiated and followed.
    • Work with or assist in the creation of your Recruitment Center of Excellence in providing the internal community with access to knowledge from the industry’s leading sourcing and recruiting authorities.
    • Provide ongoing support in the streamlining of recruitment-tool utilization both new and already in practice. For example, advise in the implementation of additional technology for use in prospect relationship management, tracking identified leads, and capturing/managing the outreach activities necessary for building online communities.
    • Work with you to maximize your social recruiting marketing efforts. While you can no longer afford to “ignore” social recruiting channels, much time and effort is wasted by the distractions social media generates. We’ll show you how to navigate those distractions and identify which channels to tap. From content generation and curation all the way through to visibility and social media engagement, we’ll guide you through it all.
  4. Measurement

    We will work with your learning measurement team to define key indicators for success at critical milestones to assess progress towards the future state.

    For each of the processes marked for improvement in the design phase, the relevant performance variables are measured and related to the identified performance goals. The difference between desired and actual performance is expressed in the primary dimensions of speed (time), quality, cost (money saved or revenue generated), efficiency, value, synergy, culture, competitive advantage and risk.

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Our core belief

Talent Sourcing is the single most critical initiative towards increased revenue because it brings about great reductions in the cost of recruitment, while significantly improving reputation by letting you approach only the best talent, eliminating the waste associated with traditional recruitment models. For us, sourcing is the only way in which recruitment can be transformed from a cost center into a discrete capital investment.