Fundraiser: Advanced Diversity Sourcing Webinar

How to increase your Diversity candidate pipeline by 1000% Webinar  by Shally Steckerl ​ Diversity in hiring improves the competitive advantage of today’s corporations, as well as increases productivity and engagement and improves customer service. The Advanced Diversity Sourcing Webinar will provide critical information necessary for enhancing recruiters and sourcers diversity sourcing skills. Learn to identify the right keywords to find diverse talent and generate diversity leads. Key Takeaways:

  1. Identify target companies that have the diverse talent you seek
  2. Learn to create a diversity heat map
  3. Conduct ethical and compliant searches to improve the inclusion of diversity in your candidate slate
  4. 10 Keys to Successful diversity recruiting
  5. How to identify talent through natural language phrases, deep web search, affinity groups, associations and communities
  6. Tricks to finding diverse talent hiding in plain site on job boards and resume databases
  7. Using Seekout for diversity sourcing

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